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Did you know that Lake Garda came into being thanks to a blue-haired mermaid? 

According to legend, the Alpine mermaid Engardina lived among the meadows of Monte Baldo. There lay a lovely little lake. The mermaid had beautiful blue hair and two dwarfs as servants. One day Benacus the water-god came to persuade the mermaid to follow him, but she wasn’t really keen to leave her kingdom with its little lake. So Benacus promised her an even more beautiful and wondrous lake, struck the cliff with his trident and thereby caused the rock to break apart with a deafening noise. Great masses of water flowed down into the valley, eventually filling it so that it became a lake. Deeply impressed, the mermaid agreed to marry Benacus in the waters of Lake Garda. The hair of the lovely Engardina dyed the water, giving it its splendid clear blue colour, which still entrances visitors to this day.

Would you like to get to know this magical holiday kingdom?

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