Culture holiday at Lake Garda

Sightseeing for my well-being

Go on a discovery tour and enjoy a cultural holiday of a special kind. Here at Lake Garda there is a lot to discover. Starting from the legendary caves of Catull, one of the most important remains of the Roman Empire, to the Olive Museum in Cisano and the Castello di Sabbionara d’Avio. If you are interested in flowers and plants, you should visit Parco Giardino Sigurtà. A special cultural highlight that we would like to mention here: visit the Basilica Madonna della Corona in Spiazzi, a spectacular pilgrimage site carved into to rock. The church towers high above the deep abyss offer you a sensational view.

Just 200 meters from the hotel, it is a magnificent spectacle of nature, described by Thomas Mann in “The Enchanted Mountain” as “the gateway to hell”. The same waters that shimmer peacefully in Lake Tenno are thrown into the 98-metre-high gorge with a huge roar. Over the millennia the waterfall has eroded 77 meters of mountain. If you got to the upper cave, 40 meters away you can admire this impressive sight up close.


The Sentiero della Ponale descends from Val di Ledro towards Riva del Garda: a quiet walk, offering a fantastic view of the northern part of the lake. The route leads to historic ruins and goes through caves and tunnels. An easy excursion for the whole family.


The Museo Alta Garda could not have found a more noble home than the medieval castle where it resides. There are three areas at the museum: a picture gallery with nineteenth century landscapes, a section dedicated to archeology with finds dating back to the Copper Age, and an area reserved for temporary exhibitions by contemporary artists. The museum has also created a special project for children, called Invento, which aims to bring young children closer to art in a creative and playful way. They can experiment with different painting techniques or go in search of treasure – a truly unique museum visit.


An adventure park like no other: visitors can climb amid the trees, launch a BMX down the track, experience the thrill of downhill with MTB, but also play volleyball or bowling and much more. Lots of fun for all ages!


The Venetian fortress of Riva del Garda from the 16th century was only accessible by foot since the chairlift was closed in the 80s. Since 10th July this year, there is a brand new panoramic lift taking up to 25 people to the fortress in just 2 minutes with an spectacular lake view.

Panoramic elevator Bastione

Here, childhood dreams come true: Rushing over the waves in an exclusive motorboat and discovering the most amazing spots of Lake Garda. Captain Gabriele can take up to eight people on his boat on this adventurous voyage of discovery. Wouldn't that be something for your family?