Fill up on harmony

and all tension melts away...

Do you feel tense, with muscle aches and feel a sense of exhaustion? Take a break at Gioiosa. We know how to take care of your well-being.
Be inspired by our selection of massages and make your holiday even more regenerating. Different techniques allow you to stimulate the right points, transmitting a feeling of renewed vitality.

Back massage

This soothing massage relieves tension in your back and helps you regain a feeling of looseness and comfort.

Price: 49,00€

Duration: 30 min

Foot massage

Your feet are massaged intensively using fragrant oils. You will be astonished how quickly any tension simply disappears.

Price: 49,00€

Duration: 30 min

Full-body massage

Complete relaxation for your entire body. With a touch that's sometimes vigorous, sometimes gentle, your whole body is expertly massaged

Price: 69,00€

Duration: 45 min

Sports massage with oil

A deep-tissue massage. Tensions in your muscles melt away. This massage will give you a feeling of new energy. Specific plant-derived oils are used. Prepares the muscles for sporting activities and helps eliminate toxins.

Price: 79,00€

Duration: 55 min

Thai massage

You’ll experience this ancient Asian massage technique fully clothed on a floor mat. The massage consists of peaceful and gentle stretching and extending movements derived from yoga. From the soles of the feet to the face, your body is brought into movement through a gentle process of pressing and stretching. A highly stimulating massage that will boost your energy flows and metabolism.

Price: 99,00€

Duration: 70 min

Ayurvedic massage

A massage of Indian origin. Uses warm oils which are enriched with pure essences. Your body will regain its strength and brightness, while the aging process will be slowed.

Price: 99,00€

Duration: 60 min