Everything you need to know

Any more questions?

Although our staff is unstoppable and takes very seriously the mission to guarantee all our guests an exceptional stay, we have decided to summarize here all the important information for your holiday at Gioiosa. This will allow you to arrive here relaxed and well informed. For everything else, you will find our "superheroes" at the reception. See you soon!

How many rooms does the hotel have?

34 hotel rooms and suites - so everything quite manageable! No long ways and of course you can't get lost.

How far is the hotel from Lake Garda?

Only 3 kilometres! By foot it takes 30 minutes, by bike 15 minutes and by car 5 minutes.

Is there a bus? Where can I buy the ticket?

The nearest bus stop is just 200 metres from the hotel. With the Trentino Guest Card you can use all public transport in Trentino for free. Just ask for it at the reception.

Is it possible to reserve a specific room?

Of course, we will make a note of your room request. We will always try to fulfil it. Please do not be angry, however, should it not work out.

Is it possible to arrive and depart on Saturday during the holiday period/main season? Can I also book 10 nights?

Sorry... Saturdays are too busy! During the peak season we therefore only offer weekly stays from Sunday to Sunday.

Are pets allowed?

Sure. Your four-legged friend is very welcome here, because also he can need a little change from everyday life. However, dogs are not allowed in the dining area and on the lawn near the swimming pool. Not because we don't like them, but out of consideration for other guests and children with dog phobia or allergies to dog hair. For your companion we charge € 15 per day. Please do not forget to bring the right food for your four-legged friend, this is not included in the price.

I have an allergy to animal hair. Are there any rooms that are currently animal-free?

We do not keep statistics on this. However, before your arrival we can clean your room with ozone effectively and environmentally friendly. Just ask for this beforehand.

Where can I park and how much does it cost?

At the hotel's own parking space - directly in front of the hotel or in the lower part of the property. Just turn left twice (Don't worry, we will explain it to you personally. You really don't need a navigation system for this). One parking space per room is included in the price for you. A reservation is not necessary.

Eat & Drink

What does the 3/4 pension include?

Everything is included: the rich breakfast buffet, the hearty and sweet afternoon snack and the 4-course menu of choice in the evening. For vegetarians there is always an alternative. We are also happy to consider a lactose- or gluten-free meal. Bon appetit!

Are drinks included in the price?

Yes, breakfast drinks are included in the price. Children also have free drinks during childcare hours in the Kids Club and at lunchtime. You can have all other drinks added to your room bill.

Where and when do we eat?

Simple! Actually, always follow your nose! Breakfast is served in our restaurant from 7:30 to 10 am. Children be aware! From 12 to 12:30 pm you can have lunch together with the other children. From 3 to 4:30 pm the afternoon snack is available. Dinner is then served from 6:30 pm. You should be in the dining room by 8:30 pm, otherwise we will have to come up with something else for you.

Young & Old

Where does my child sleep?

There is a sleeping place for every child (confirmed by us). The little ones, up to 3 years old, usually sleep in a baby cot. For the older ones we prepare the third bed, the sofa bed or an extra bed, depending on the room's equipment.

Our child does not yet eat from the table and we bring our own baby bed. Do we still have to pay for the child?

Children are really welcome here. We have (almost) everything for them. Baby cots, fall protection for beds, changing mats, nappy buckets, covers for changing mats, baby bathtub, baby glasses, kettle, kitchenette, high chairs, crockery, baby phone (subject to availability), prams, buggies and of course lots of tips for interesting facts and excursions. Unfortunately, we cannot offer all this free of charge.

Can I reserve a baby monitor and a pram now?

You are welcome to borrow both at the hotel reception desk (subject to availability). Buggies are available in sufficient numbers. To make sure you don't stay without a baby monitor, we recommend that you bring your own. Our guests have had good experiences, also in terms of accessibility, with babyphone apps on their smartphones.

When is the Kids Club open? Which programme is offered there? Can my 2-year-old child also be looked after?

The children's programme is intended for children from 3 to 12 years. On 6 days a week for at least 6 hours throughout the season, children play, do handicrafts and laugh. We adapt the times and the programme to the age of the children present. The programme is put together the week before the event. Depending on the participation of the other children, we may also be able to look after your younger child - however, the supervisor decides this on a daily basis on site. Alternatively, we offer a babysitting service on an hourly basis - advance reservation required.

Service & interesting facts

How long is the reception occupied?

From 7 am to 11 pm. At night we are of course always reachable by telephone for emergencies!

Is there WiFi? How does it work at Gioiosa? How much does it cost?

Yes, it is totally easy and free of charge.

Where can I wash my laundry?

On the first and second floor we have a guest laundry room with washing machine, dryer, iron and ironing board. For € 10 per day you can use them at any time. Just ask at the reception for the key.

Is there also a sauna in the Gioiosa?

Much better - we have a hamam. It increases your well-being, relieves tension and gets your circulation going. You will see how you can tolerate the heat better, even on very warm days. Tuesday and Friday are family days.

Is the outdoor swimming pool always open? Is the water heated?

It is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. At night the swimming pool is covered to keep it nice and warm. In spring and autumn the water is heated.

Do I have to bring my own towel for the swimming pool?

You can safely leave it at home. On arrival you will find one bath towel per person in your room. You can change this at any time at the reception desk for a € 1 donation to the SOS Children's Village.

Can I store my own mountain bikes in the hotel?

Definitely - yes. Your bicycles or bikes are in good hands in our bicycle cellar. It is locked, video-monitored and alarm-secured.

Is there a fitness room?

There are various and well-equipped providers in the area. At the reception we have collected all information about them. The way to the studio is the first fitness unit.

Where can you buy good regional products? When and where is the next market?

Our reception team is always well informed about current and great shopping opportunities and our staff will be happy to help you. You can also find some regional souvenirs for your loved ones directly at our hotel!

I have forgotten my toothbrush. It is already late and I am at the end. Help!

Calm down! At the reception we will gladly help you out with an emergency toothbrush. As well as with a shaving set or needle and thread.

When can I get in - when do I have to get out?

To the hotel itself, of course, any time between 7 am and 11 pm. You can throw yourself into the wonderful Gioiosa beds from 3 pm onwards - but on the day of departure you should be out again by 10 am, otherwise you will be surprised by our housekeeping team. Should you need the room longer, no problem - we are flexible. Just ask us at the reception.

Can I deposit my suitcases after check-out?

Yes, you can. Just ask at the reception.