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Special cancellation policies 2021

Check In / Check Out
Rooms are available from 3 pm on the day of arrival. You can pre-check in online.
On the day of departure, check out time is 10am. We will be happy to send you a pro-forma invoice via email the evening before departure. You can pay by cash, debit card, credit card or contactless at the reception.
Food and drink
In the restaurant, in the bar and on the terrace, the prescribed minimum distance should always be observed. We have extended some meal times to avoid crowds.
In the dining room or on the terrace of the restaurant, a table will be reserved for your exclusive use during your stay.
Our breakfast, children's lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant or on the restaurant terrace. In the afternoon, there will be a selection of snacks served or buffet style.To eat, please take a seat in the bar or on the bar terrace.
All buffets are freely accessible only with the use of nose-mouth protection and disposable gloves, as prescribed by law. Please pay attention to the minimum distance with other guests.
Our breakfast basket is available for all late risers and for those who want to have breakfast in bed or on their private balcony in peace.
Our team is educated and updated on increased hygiene measures. Compliance with the guidelines is constantly checked and guaranteed by the designated employee. We always work with nose-mouth protection and we are particularly attentive to constant hand hygiene.
It is mandatory to wear nose-to-mouth protection indoors – naturally, the mask can be removed at the table during meals. Disinfectant gel is available for our guests in public areas and in each room. Outdoors, the use of a mask is mandatory when it is not possible to maintain minimum distances from other people.
Hygiene measures
We have implemented comprehensive guidelines for the highest standards of hygiene in all areas of our hotel.
•    Plexiglas protective barriers at the contact points where necessary
•    Increase of cleaning and disinfection cycles of public areas such as reception, bar area, miniclub, hamam, etc.
•    Increased cleaning and disinfection cycles of surfaces most touched by more people such as touchscreens, beds, light switches, door handles, toilet buttons, taps, etc.
•    Use of disposable wipes for cleaning the floors of the rooms
•    Supply of antibacterial hand sanitizers
•    On request, in addition to the regular disinfection of the surfaces of the departing rooms, we can carry out an ozone treatment for effective disinfection of the air in the room
•    The necessary spacing between tables and chairs / loungers is provided at the restaurant, bar, terrace and pool
•    All employees wear nose-to-mouth protective masks.
•    Menu and daily information are available digitally for your smartphone or tablet
•    Magnetic keys, as was already the case, are disinfected before being delivered to each new customer
•    The pool water is continuously and automatically checked according to the current legal values required for the chlorine content and PH
Swimming pool and hamam
Our outdoor swimming pool is open every day from 8 am to 6 pm. During the colder days / periods it is heated. A maximum of 25 people can currently stay in the pool at the same time.
The loungers are spaced as per current regulations and are disinfected daily.
Our hamam is open and can be used, by reservation only, for up to 4 people at the same time.
The Kids Club takes place in small groups and upon reservation the day before. Outdoor activities will be the priority. Toys and games (inside and outside) are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.
Outdoor sports
There are currently no restrictions on individual outdoor sports. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the opening times and weekly programmes of our external partners.

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